Cash Advance Rates

Applying for a cash advance

Interested in getting a loan? Great! We’d highly recommend you take a look at the overall cost, before going ahead with your cash advance agreement. We encourage all of our customers to only borrow what they think they can afford to pay back. We take no responsibility for consumers who can’t afford to pay back their loan costs.

If you believe that you have enough money to cover your cash advance loan repayments with Loanline, then please see our rates to the right of this page, as a guide for getting approved for your loan via Loanline.

Loanline is an experienced broker in the finance industry. Loanline will allow you to borrow any amount between £75 to £2500. We strongly advise you to think very carefully before applying for a loan with us of any amount just to make sure that you can actually afford it.

See our loan rates for more detail.

Representative example*

Loan Amount£200
Loan Repayment30 days
Loan Interest£48
Total Amount£248

Representative example on a loan of £200 repaid after 30 days:
Total charge for credit: £248
Payable in one payment of: £248
Interest: £48
Interest rate: 292% p.a.
Representative 1223.6% APR (variable)

We are a broker not a lender.

Representative 1223.6% APR

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to